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We focus on Silane Modified Polymer, Silane Terminated Polyether, Hybrid Polymer, Silyl Modified Polymer products and so on

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China Risun Polymer China Co.,Ltd

Risun Polymer China Co.,Ltd

Risun Polymer International Co.,LTD Founded in 2011, specialing in silane modified polyether polymer manufacture. Our main product is the new generatiton STP (Silane Modified Polyether Polymer), which is widely used in adhesives, sealants, surface coatings and other industries. Our business covers all the world. Our sales and technical service team aim to provide customers with the best solution. We have the following advantages: ● The first company designing and manufacturing silane terminated polyether (STP) polymers in China ● Seven years of production experience and professional research team ● One modern advanced production factories in Huai'an city ● Two R&D centers (Philadelphia, USA; Huai'an, China) ● 100,000 Tons production capacity, Fast lead time ● Professional technical support ...

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