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Low Modulus Sealant Polymer, Eco Friendly Reactive And Functional Polymers

Low Modulus Sealant Polymer, Eco Friendly Reactive And Functional Polymers

  • High Light

    modified polymers


    transparent polymer


    non sagging sealant polymer

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    High Reactive
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    Drum/ IBC
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    L/C, T/T
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    100000 ton/year

Low Modulus Sealant Polymer, Eco Friendly Reactive And Functional Polymers

Low Modulus Sealant Polymer for Ecofriendly Construction Sealant


Low Modulus Sealant Polymer KERILON® 201S is alkoxy silane terminated polyether polymer. Ecofriendly Construction Sealant based on it is a kind of Construction Sealant Suitable for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications including, subfloor assembly, interior drywall installation, landscaping bricks/blocks, natural stone and mirrors.


The Final Product Sealant/Adhesive


The main difference between adhesives and sealants is that sealants typically have lower strength and higher elongation than adhesives do. When sealants are used between substrates having different thermal coefficients of expansion or differing elongation under stress, they need to have adequate flexibility and elongation. Sealants generally contain inert filler material and are usually formulated with an elastomer to give the required flexibility and elongation. They usually have a paste consistency to allow filling of gaps between substrates. Low shrinkage after application is often required. Many adhesive technologies can be formulated into sealants.





  • non–sagging
  • Isocyanate free
  • Shrinkage-free drying
  • Excellent elastic recovery rate
  •  Available in a range of colours
  • Low modulus, high movement-resistance
  • Good adhesion strength and tensile elasticity




  • Concrete wall joints etc

  • Travel trailer and mobile home construction.
  • For waterproof sealing of outside concrete wall
  • Suitable for high performance elastic bonding and sealing




Because this product is moisture sensitive, If unopened and stored at 4℃-30℃ dry environment, the shelf life is 12 months. Use it as soon as possible if opened, the remain products should be resealed and stored at 4℃-30℃ dry environment. But if shelf life expired, you can still use it only after your positive confirmation of production performance.




  • 200kg drum lined with aluminum foil bag
  • 1000kg IBC